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BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt

big guy in sweat
[Tiki bartender Pat, pictured here, is a force to reckoned with in our BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt.]

What kind of sweatshirt makes you feel invulnerable? Unstoppable? Unbreakable?

Well, any sweatshirt if you are Pat, BLUE HEAVEN's formidable (but friendly!) tiki bar bartender. But at least our BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt will keep you amply-covered and plenty warm with style!

Bearing the popular BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster design on its back, and the BLUE HEAVEN logo imprint on the front, you'll feel safe, snug, and protected - from cold temps and winter chills - in this heavy, 100% cotton sweatshirt. Walk boldly anywhere, secure in the knowledge that you know what's important in life. (Good food and good times in Key West, of course!)

Besides, wearing a BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt? People will know you have friends.

BLUE HEAVEN's Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt is available for $35.
Note: XXL size available for $37; see below.

Available in Blue Jean and Crimson.