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It's BLUE HEAVEN's Online Giftshop!

To order from our online giftshop, take a moment to review the selection of goods showcased here, presented lovingly below by our friends and family.

When you find something you like, order directly by calling our on-premise gift shop directly at 305-296-8666 between the hours of 10 AM and and 8 PM to speak with an actual live person! We'll take your order over the phone, and shortly after that your package will be out the door and on its way to its lucky recipient.

That's it! If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call. (Or you can email us if like — at blueheaven729 @ — though, we always love to hear from you here at BLUE HEAVEN!)

BLUE HEAVEN Gift Certificate

ordinary 024
[Theodora displaying our new Blue Heaven gift certificate!]

Give the gift that you'd want to get...
...a BLUE HEAVEN Gift Certificate!

Jointly hand-drawn and colored by our wonderful artist neighbor Angela Byarly and Blue Heaven owner Suanne, our beautifully detailed Blue Heaven Gift Certificates are available in denominations of $25, $50, and $100, and are good for dining at Blue Heaven, as well as for any of the goods and merchandise in our BLUE HEAVEN gift shop.

Sure, iPods, laptops, and plasma tvs are good gifts, too, but add a BLUE HEAVEN Gift Certificate to any card or envelope, and suddenly you're like an angel!

BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster T-Shirt

Cuban Rooster back 2
What is it about BLUE HEAVEN's Cuban Rooster T-Shirt that makes it so popular?

Perhaps it's the authentic, custom BLUE HEAVEN design. Perhaps it's the rooster's deep-rooted, traditional symbolology as a bearer of good-fortune. Or perhaps it's the fact this shirt pays homage to one of our restaurant's most memorable (and spectacular!!) highlights, the Key West Rooster.

Whatever it is, the BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster T-Shirt is a salute to our friend and yours, the fine-feathered island Rooster, whose day-in, day-out sing-song, crowing calls contibutes to our unique dining atmosphere.

All captured on the BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Tee for $20.

Here's the front.
Cuban Rooster front
It comes in colors!
color scheme
Blue Jean, White, & Crimson [OUT OF WHITE as of December 2007]
Cuban Rooster T-Shirt
And it's unisex!

BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Cap

rooster hat guest
It's a rooster! On a baseball cap!

And the BLUE HEAVEN logo/seal-of-approval posted on back.
Whether the sky is falling, or the sun is coming down, you'll feel light-headed knowing you are rocking the Power of the Rooster!

BLUE HEAVEN's Rooster Cap is $20.

BLUE HEAVEN Rooster-On-A-Bike Tank

[Pictured here is Chef Pam, rockin it down stagefront in a R-O-A-Bike Tanktop.]

Remember how terrific the R-O-A-Bike (Rooster On A Bike) Tee looked? Now check it out as our Tanktop! The BLUE HEAVEN Rooster-On-A-Bike Tanktop is showcased here on Chef Pam, someone who knows how to shake it without breakin' it...just try one of her delicious omelettes!

Whoo-ee! Can the rest of us be this smokin' hot? Yes you can! All it takes is a some good music, some good times, and a good BLUE HEAVEN Rooster On A Bike Tanktop.

[He y look! Pam's back!]

BLUE HEAVEN's Rooster-On-A-Bike Tanktop is available for $20.

BLUE HEAVEN Palm Ringer Tee

[Click on image for better view.]
Imagine strolling down your city, town, or borough's throuroughfares in this stylish number! Classic-retro ringer stylings featuring our BLUE HEAVEN Palm imprint gives this t-shirt its irresistible and timely appeal.

Wearing our BLUE HEAVEN Palm Ringer, and showcasing your obvious sense of taste and style, undoubtedly will lead to loads of compliments and good vibes.

The BLUE HEAVEN Palm Ringer T-shirt is $20.

And it's available in a selection of colors!
palm colors
[Click on image for better view.]
Sky Blue, Salmon, Yellow, Lime.


Can you imagine being this happy all the time?

With a BLUE HEAVEN Logo Cap covering your noggin, you too will feel the joyful, relaxing vibes emanating about you, flowing around you, as thoughts of good times in Key West pour forth and outwards from this delightful lid.

Casual, comfortable, and canvas, your sporty cap features embroidered logo-work, and, of course, an adjustable back with sturdy metal clasp.

But, in all honesty, look how happy you are wearing the BLUE HEAVEN Logo Cap!

The BLUE HEAVEN Logo Cap is $20.
Available in Blue Jean, Khaki, Sea Green.


"You Don't Have To Die To Get There!"

So proclaims the BLUE HEAVEN Coffee Mug, the perfect vessel to drink down great gulps of delicious Baby's Breakfast Roast Coffee (the exclusive coffee of BLUE HEAVEN)...or whatever beverage, elixir, nectar, or brew which most soothes your senses and satiates your soul.

And with every sip, slurp, swallow, or swig from our mighty mug, dreams of BLUE HEAVEN, Key West's favorite feeding and drinking and replenishing destination, will dance before your eyes, and re-fresh your memories of fun Island times until your next return!

All that for only $8. Available in Cobalt Blue or Classical White.

BLUE HEAVEN'S Exclusive Favorite - Baby's Breakfast Roast Coffee

Baby's Coffee
Declaring themselves, "the Southernmost Roasted Coffee in The United States," for years and years, Baby's Coffee's dedicated following has grown over the years to cult status, and we love it, too!

As always, freshly-brewed Baby's BreakFast Roast Coffee is available daily at BLUE HEAVEN - and we always have bags of Baby's Coffee Beans in our shop to take home for your own pleasure! - and now BLUE HEAVEN is happy to make fresh Baby's BreakFast Roast Coffee, whole bean and auto-drip grind, in regular and decaf, available here online for our friends outside of Key West.

Especially certain to trigger fond memories of good times in our own BLUE HEAVEN Coffee Mug, Baby's BreakFast Roast Coffee's distinctive flavor and aroma, brewed in your own home, boat, campsite, barrack, ranch, motor home, or office, will work to instantly transport you back to Key West to luxuriate in Island wonderfulness, which can always be found at BLUE HEAVEN.

1 lb of Baby's Breakfast Roast Coffee is $15.

BLUE HEAVEN De-Stressed Sweatshirt

[BH bartender Julia, pictured here, sports a small BLUE HEAVEN sweatshirt!]

BLUE HEAVEN's "De-Stressed" Sweatshirt is a guaranteed seasonal favorite. The big, comfy, and generously-cut sweatshirt is one of our giftshop's best-sellers.

And we're sure you'll love it's warm, encompassing nature, as well. Festooned with one of our original BLUE HEAVEN hand-created designs from wayback when, this sweatshirt is not only warm and full and a pleasure to wear, it's art-smart!

BLUE HEAVEN's De-Stressed Sweatshirt is $35.
NOTE: XXL available for $37.

Available in colors.
Picture 032
Blue Jean and Slate.
[BH manager Scott, pictured here, sports a large BLUE HEAVEN sweatshirt!]
And it's unisex.

BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt

big guy in sweat
[Tiki bartender Pat, pictured here, is a force to reckoned with in our BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt.]

What kind of sweatshirt makes you feel invulnerable? Unstoppable? Unbreakable?

Well, any sweatshirt if you are Pat, BLUE HEAVEN's formidable (but friendly!) tiki bar bartender. But at least our BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt will keep you amply-covered and plenty warm with style!

Bearing the popular BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster design on its back, and the BLUE HEAVEN logo imprint on the front, you'll feel safe, snug, and protected - from cold temps and winter chills - in this heavy, 100% cotton sweatshirt. Walk boldly anywhere, secure in the knowledge that you know what's important in life. (Good food and good times in Key West, of course!)

Besides, wearing a BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt? People will know you have friends.

BLUE HEAVEN's Cuban Rooster Sweatshirt is available for $35.
Note: XXL size available for $37; see below.

Available in Blue Jean and Crimson.


[BLUE HEAVEN server Miko, pictured above, blissfully displays the BLUE HEAVEN R-O-A-Bike long-sleeve tee.]
Hearts will flutter as you walk by in our BLUE HEAVEN Rooster-On-A-Bike (R-O-A-Bike) Tee. With your long sleeves (or short) blowing in the breeze, and your handsome cut and alluring colorful design, everyone will look your way, admiring, "Wow. What a terrific t-shirt!"

And that's just from the front!

Imagine what people will think when they see the backside.

Big, wide logo. Same handsome colorful features but now more largely accentuated.
Indeed, BLUE HEAVEN's R-O-A-Bike Tee may seem like a fantasy come true.

Available in long-sleeve or short-sleeve.

R-O-A-Bike long-sleeve Tee is $25.00.
R-O-A-Bike short-sleeve Tee is $20.00.


Picture 012
A giftshop favorite! For years, BLUE HEAVEN's Shower Sign (next to our very own outdoor working shower) has been the source of countless stories, photo ops, and even music videos (most recently, country music superstar Kenny Chesney). Now, the classic BLUE HEAVEN Shower Sign has been tastefully reproduced and is available for posting up and display by your own pool-side, bathroom, or outdoor shower.

Now you can own a real piece of BLUE HEAVEN and Key West history, and share in the fun.

Just remember to keep our famous Key West* motto in mind when using your BLUE HEAVEN Shower Sign:
"What you do here, what you say here, when you leave here, let it stay here."

*We've been using that saying on Key West Island for over four hundred years. The city of Las Vegas, fifty years old, borrowed it from us.

BLUE HEAVEN's Shower Sign is $25.