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BLUE HEAVEN'S Exclusive Favorite - Baby's Breakfast Roast Coffee

Baby's Coffee
Declaring themselves, "the Southernmost Roasted Coffee in The United States," for years and years, Baby's Coffee's dedicated following has grown over the years to cult status, and we love it, too!

As always, freshly-brewed Baby's BreakFast Roast Coffee is available daily at BLUE HEAVEN - and we always have bags of Baby's Coffee Beans in our shop to take home for your own pleasure! - and now BLUE HEAVEN is happy to make fresh Baby's BreakFast Roast Coffee, whole bean and auto-drip grind, in regular and decaf, available here online for our friends outside of Key West.

Especially certain to trigger fond memories of good times in our own BLUE HEAVEN Coffee Mug, Baby's BreakFast Roast Coffee's distinctive flavor and aroma, brewed in your own home, boat, campsite, barrack, ranch, motor home, or office, will work to instantly transport you back to Key West to luxuriate in Island wonderfulness, which can always be found at BLUE HEAVEN.

1 lb of Baby's Breakfast Roast Coffee is $15.