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BLUE HEAVEN Rooster-On-A-Bike Tank

[Pictured here is Chef Pam, rockin it down stagefront in a R-O-A-Bike Tanktop.]

Remember how terrific the R-O-A-Bike (Rooster On A Bike) Tee looked? Now check it out as our Tanktop! The BLUE HEAVEN Rooster-On-A-Bike Tanktop is showcased here on Chef Pam, someone who knows how to shake it without breakin' it...just try one of her delicious omelettes!

Whoo-ee! Can the rest of us be this smokin' hot? Yes you can! All it takes is a some good music, some good times, and a good BLUE HEAVEN Rooster On A Bike Tanktop.

[He y look! Pam's back!]

BLUE HEAVEN's Rooster-On-A-Bike Tanktop is available for $20.