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BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster T-Shirt

Cuban Rooster back 2
What is it about BLUE HEAVEN's Cuban Rooster T-Shirt that makes it so popular?

Perhaps it's the authentic, custom BLUE HEAVEN design. Perhaps it's the rooster's deep-rooted, traditional symbolology as a bearer of good-fortune. Or perhaps it's the fact this shirt pays homage to one of our restaurant's most memorable (and spectacular!!) highlights, the Key West Rooster.

Whatever it is, the BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster T-Shirt is a salute to our friend and yours, the fine-feathered island Rooster, whose day-in, day-out sing-song, crowing calls contibutes to our unique dining atmosphere.

All captured on the BLUE HEAVEN Cuban Rooster Tee for $20.

Here's the front.
Cuban Rooster front
It comes in colors!
color scheme
Blue Jean, White, & Crimson [OUT OF WHITE as of December 2007]
Cuban Rooster T-Shirt
And it's unisex!